Culturgal Θ Culture from Galicia

pagina de inicio de culturgal

Culturgal , the Cultural Industries Fair , is the great house of Galician culture . A meeting , an opportunity and a tool. A meeting in which the cultural sector shows strength set and where there is a rich dialogue and exchange of ideas. An opportunity to showcase new projects and initiatives with other companies, developers , institutions and the general public in an exceptional escape you .

But besides Culturgal is a tool to promote, support and strengthen cultural activity taking place in Galicia. Redial the social and economic value of the cultural action is a central mission of the Fair ; Culturgal wants to be a useful tool in the new scenario in which businesses and cultural workers must develop their work. Stimulating different guilds confidence in the usefulness of the fair and press the interests of the various audiences who attend it are the basic objectives .

Dixital Pumpún programmed and designed the event’s website adapted the all types of screens.